Occupying a Unique Position in the Industry, Synapse Product Development Establishes Itself as a Global Pioneer, Announces $20,000 Grant Initiative

Seattle—Synapse Product Development is celebrating 10 years of turning ideas into realities for regional start-ups and the world’s top Fortune 500 companies. Since 2002, the Seattle-based firm has experienced accelerated growth—from boutique engineering company to established brand name in innovation and product development.

“We are really unique in the professional services market,” says Scott Bright, CEO and co-founder of Synapse. “There are a lot of other design firms but very few product development engineering service firms like Synapse.”

Synapse was founded under a single guiding principle—to make it “the best job anyone has ever had.”

“The secret sauce that makes Synapse the best company of its kind is our ability to take the great, raw engineering services we offer and combine them with a tremendous culture,” says Chris Massot, Synapse’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “To unite the two the way Synapse has is really rare.”

By placing people before profit, Synapse has built a team whose reputation with clients is as much about strong working relationships as it is top-shelf engineering.

“It’s about understanding that we’re all engineers at heart and admitting that we’re really geeky and just get off on solving difficult engineering problems,” says Skooks Pong, Synapse’s VP of Engineering. “And what’s evolved over the last few years is the realization that our core business is delivering desired results to our clients. That’s what we do. It’s what we’re really good at.”

In shifting focus, Synapse positioned itself as an innovative thought-leader, opening the door for partnerships with the world’s leading brands.

In the last decade, Synapse has handled design strategies for devices boasting pioneering technologies —the first hand-held computer; the first touch-screen portable music player. The firm’s recent partnership with Kirkland, WA-based start-up Viableware resulted in Rail, a ground-breaking mobile payment platform for restaurants.

Now a firmly trusted name in the product services market, Synapse is committed to staying focused on its core business and strengthening what it calls “the best engineering team in the world.” Presently, the company is laying the foundations for sustainable growth, which began with a Synapse presence in Hong Kong and San Francisco in 2011.

“The San Francisco office was one of our first efforts in scaling our business outside the four walls of the Seattle headquarters,” says Dylan Garrett, a longtime Synapster now serving as Business Development Director in the Bay Area. “Synapse will be a global company in the near future and one of our goals with the San Francisco office was to create the model for that expansion.”

Among the greater challenges is furthering expansion without losing sight of Synapse’s culture, which is rooted in the sense of camaraderie it has built over the last ten years. To mark this decade of innovation and community, Synapse will give away two $10,000 grants to local organizations fostering innovation and engineering education in the Seattle and San Francisco areas. By giving Synapsters the opportunity to nominate organizations of their choice, the company hopes the initiative will represent the myriad of personalities and interests that make Synapse the company it is.