Synapse brings on data analytics partner, Level 11

SEATTLE, WA – DEC 12 2013 – Synapse, the product development firm helping the world’s leading companies engineer breakout devices, today announced it has entered a teaming agreement with data analytics firm, Level 11 effective January 1, 2014. Operating under an unofficial teaming agreement for the last year, the two companies will now be incorporating each others capabilities into their services, hoping to broaden an overall client base and revenue share.

Company officials on both sides believe bringing together the hardware and software facets of technology will drive the next generation of consumer devices. 

“Since beginning this collaboration over three years ago, we’ve seen just how powerful the coupling of hardware and software can be,” said Ric Merrifield, Partner at Level 11. “Now that we are an official part of the Synapse team, we’ll be able to help more companies provide richer experiences through technology.”

With 90 percent of the world’s data generated in the last two years, endless consumer information is now easily accessible. Companies are unearthing insights embedded in this data to create devices that meet consumer needs and optimize their experiences.

“Data-driven devices are primed to be at the center of all kinds of activities ranging from how we interact with our environment to how we improve our health,” said Chris Massot, Chief Marketing Officer at Synapse. “This partnership will make it easier to harness a massive amount of available information and translate it into an experience that is useful for consumers.”

Synapse first contacted Level 11 in 2010 in search for help on a technology ecosystem with one of the world’s largest entertainment companies. The system wields wearable devices to unite software and hardware. Level 11 constructed the necessary custom data processing and analytics platforms needed for the project.

The rapid growth of Big Data during the project’s three-year run made it clear data-analytic capabilities are crucial to the future of tech, and influenced the exponential growth both companies experienced between 2009 and 2012. A growth that landed Synapse and Level 11 on the 2013 Inc. 500|5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies.

About Synapse

Synapse is a Seattle based product development company delivering breakthrough technological devices for the world’s leading companies. Comprised of hardware and software engineers, Synapse creates products and experiences that transform brands and accelerate advances in technology. With collaboration at its core, Synapse brings the insight, tools, and processes necessary to deliver technology ecosystems to market. For more information on Synapse Product Development, please call 206.381.0898 or visit

About Level 11

Founded in 2009, Level 11 is an enterprise consulting firm focused on business and technology transformation. Headquartered in Seattle, Level 11 empowers its clients to rethink business strategy, evolve experiences and increase profitability. With expertise in data visualization, predictive analytics, systems integration and more, the firm prioritizes innovation to help its clients extract value from business practices and the data they generate, translating insight into action. For more information, visit