Dear Friends of Synapse,
This is a special time in Synapse history! The Synapse leadership team, Synapse board of directors, and Synapse CEO Ross Collins are excited to announce that Synapse is being acquired by Cambridge Consultants. We believe this is a positive opportunity for our clients, for individual Synapsters, and for the Synapse business.

Cambridge Consultants is a 500-person professional services engineering firm with offices in Cambridge, UK, Boston, and Singapore. For over 50 years, they have developed products and technology across consumer, wireless, industrial, medical, and security markets. We’ve been able to connect at a personal level with their leadership team and have been impressed with their capabilities and their values. Most importantly, their people are engaged, really bright, and bring a solid dose of British humor to the conversation.

Together, Cambridge Consultants and Synapse will create a global impact as one of the most capable high tech product development organizations in the world. Our complementary service offerings and geographies will allow us to provide even more value to our clients. Individual Synapsters gain a wider range of career opportunities and the ability to work on more diverse projects. We’re confident Synapse will be even more successful with the expanded resources and expertise that Cambridge Consultants brings to the table.

We at Synapse look forward to starting this next phase of our journey.