In the May issue of Seattle Business Magazine, Hilary Meyerson highlights the next wave of wearable technology – tech that gathers data and feeds bits of information to smartphone apps, changes behavior and gives way to the Quantified Self, what she describes as “a movement dedicated to self-monitoring in the interest of greater personal awareness and well-being.” Mentioned as an “established design firm which helped design Nike’s FuelBand activity tracker,” Synapse was one of the first noted as a maker and shaker in the Puget Sound region’s growing presence in wearable tech development.

With companies and entrepreneuers alike cashing in on the trend, Seattle is proving to be a locus for the movement. Other city-wide mentions in the article include RTneuro Inc, a company that’s developing a low-cost wearable biosensor called Rainbow, Redmond-based Heapsylon, who’s textile sensor technology is embedded in soft, washable garments sold under the Sensoria label, and product design firm Artefact.  

Meyerson notes, “One of [Seattle’s] more unabashed evangelists for wearable tech, [Alex] Day sees the Northwest as distinctly different from a place like Silicon Valley, generally considered the epicenter of tech innovation. “In San Francisco,” he observes, “many seem to approach building and joining new ventures like dogs chasing cars. Here, it’s a tighter community.'”

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Seattle’s Boom in Wearable Technology