Things have been busy around the Seattle Synapse office! This past month we opened our doors for SteamVR Tracking Training sessions, welcoming over 40 attendees from 24 companies.

It has been an exciting opportunity for our team to see how Valve’s revolutionary tracking technology will one day be leveraged to create new, innovative products across many industries. Though several of our registrants have been interested in using tracked objects for gaming, we have also worked with attendees that are ready to leverage tracking to disrupt many other markets, including automotive, academic research and development, sports, education and consumer electronics.

The groups have enjoyed acting as unofficial Synapsters, getting a chance to work with the technology in a hands on interactive classroom environment and collaborating directly with the engineers responsible for the reference platform’s design. When on-site, participants have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Synapse culture and time to discuss their projects with Synapse engineers. Along with high-fives, all participants leave the class with a development kit and reference hardware. We are excited to see all the soon-to-be next generation prototypes emerging from these seeds!

Due to an overwhelming interest from SteamVR licensees, the next few courses are fully booked. However, Synapse is excited to announce that we have extended course dates into November and December! You can learn more about the course and choose your preferred date on the Synapse website

Ready to sign up for the SteamVR Tracking Training? Head to the Valve SteamVR forum to get started!