In January, Synapse joined MediaTek’s Rich IoT program as a preferred ecosystem partner. The Rich IoT program features a series of AI-supported chipset platforms that are enabling companies to innovate and develop products across the breadth of the intelligent devices market. Working together with MediaTek, we will usher in differentiated, highly-integrated and feature-rich development platforms for the fast-moving IoT device marketplace. The Rich IoT program will accelerate the development cycle and minimize design risks for enterprises, startups, emerging brands and leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). 

“In the last few years we’ve seen the IoT market trend towards collecting and processing more data at the edge, using more sophisticated methods, to reduce latency, energy, and bandwidth consumption. Mediatek’s AIoT products have been fundamental in our ability to serve customers interested in these types of applications. We are excited that we can leverage Mediatek’s long history of delivering best in class products for the mobile and tablet markets, combined with our experience in developing custom hardware solutions for connected products, to build solutions for markets that didn’t even exist two years ago.” — Alex Sutton, Head of Technology 


MediaTek’s Rich IoT program is targeted at three primary segments:

1. Voice Enabled Devices 

Products with voice assistant capability like smart speakers, kitchen and cleaning appliances, smart locks and more.

2. Display Oriented Devices 

Smart hub products or those that require touchscreens displays like thermostats, head-mounted displays, point of sale terminals, exercise equipment and more.

3. AI Vision Devices 

Products that need to recognize objects or people, like smart security systems, smart ovens, robots, drones and more.


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