Synapse attended San Francisco Design Week to learn and spread knowledge about the relationship between technology and design; and how it’s driving innovative product development in the bay area. We were thrilled when btrax, a cross‐cultural branding and marketing agency, invited Synapse to speak at their SF Design Week Panel, “UX on the Edge”.

Alex Sutton, our Electrical Engineering Program Lead, used his strong background in hardware design and development to share his insight on how hardware execution can inspire UX, but also keep it grounded in what’s possible beyond the prototyping phase. He spoke on Synapse’s work with the 49ers and our development of a stadium experience around already existing fan behaviors.

Discussions dove into the future of UX Design, with contributors; Tim Wagner, innovation strategist at btrax, Matt Weldon, Director of User Experience at August Home, Inc and Hokuto Ueda, Co-founder of Drivemode. The audience raved about the panel, and many stayed longer for a chance to pick the panelists minds on the subject of user experience.