Three visionary technology demonstrations from Synapse Product Development and Cambridge Consultants at CES® 2019

January 7, 2019 – Breakthrough innovation specialist Synapse Product Development and sister company Cambridge Consultants are showcasing three visionary technology demonstrations at CES® 2019. Join us in Las Vegas to experience and interact with these demonstrations, speak to leading experts in their field and discover how we apply market insight and technical expertise to transform our clients’ businesses.


Demonstration 1: Gerard – The robotic assistant that really understands us

Imagine if Alexa really understood us. We’ll reveal Gerard, the contextually-aware digital assistant with a completely reimagined user interface, a glimpse of what’s possible when our voice assistants grasp more of the richness of human communication.

Gerard maps and understands its environment as well as voice and physical gesture commands. The robot autonomously explores physical spaces, becoming aware of where it’s been, its current location and objects in its environment. Gerard integrates machine vision, voice and gesture recognition, 3D mapping and autonomous robotics, giving Gerard eyes, ears and mobility.

With all these capabilities combined, Gerard understands who you are, what you’re saying, and what your gestures mean in the context of your surroundings. This allows for instructions such as “Gerard, turn on that light” while pointing to the light you want to turn on.

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Demonstration 2: DeepRay – Artificial Intelligence moves beyond human vision

We’ll reveal DeepRay, a unique Artificial Intelligence platform that creates clear views of distorted and damaged images in real-time, showing how AI has moved beyond human vision.

DeepRay can be used in autonomous vehicle applications to repair damage, perhaps caused by rain or dirt, from an array of automotive sensors, such as cameras, radar, LIDAR and ultrasonics. This is a deep learning-based technology that has been trained to understand what distortion looks like, in order to remove it from sensor input data. DeepRay further demonstrates the revolutionary impact of AI in practical, real-world applications. DeepRay was developed by our sister company, Cambridge Consultants.

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Demonstration 3: Verum – Transforming Clinical Trials

Verum is a digital health platform which can transform the efficacy of clinical trials.

Stress is an underlying cause of behavioural and disease states, but is poorly characterized, leading to badly controlled clinical trials with high dropout rates. Verum remotely monitors trial patients and provides machine learning-driven predictions around their health – In this case focusing on identifying and mitigating the effect of stress.

Verum harnesses just two points of biometric data: voice and electromyography (EMG, taken from the trapezius muscle behind the shoulder), and applies machine learning to better identify stress conditions and increase the likelihood of clinical success. This was a breakthrough discovery, that our voice and trapezius could reveal so much about our stress conditions. Verum produces a single numerical estimator of a patient’s stress levels at any stage of a clinical trial. Verum was developed by our sister company, Cambridge Consultants.

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All three demonstrations are on show at CES® 2019 in Las Vegas, from January 8-11, 2019. Visit us at the Sands Expo, Level 2, Halls A-D, booth 44337.


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