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Legos Go Back to Basics

Legos used to be really awesome toys for young makers. You bought them in a kit to make a castle or a battleship, sure. But once you got that kit home, it looked like the picture on the box for about nine seconds. Then you could take it apart, combine it with the rest of your collection, and make vehicles, buildings, and robots that the Lego marketing team would never even dream of.

Those halcyon days have become increasingly nostalgic in recent years, as Lego has released more kits with customized parts that don't adapt well to mixing and matching.

But Lego gets back to basics with its Architecture Studio line. These all-white legos come in a 1200-piece kit designed to teach the basic principles of building. When you're done learning what they want you to know, you can break the pieces down and build whatever your imagination can create. 

It's interesting that Lego is marketing this set for teens and adults, when identical sets--albeit in primary colors--used to be the literal building blocks of every tiny kid's playroom. I don't know about you guys, but I would totally give this to my seven year-old. You can watch me eat my words when I step on a pile of them in the middle of the floor, perfectly camouflaged with all my grown-up furniture.


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