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Bankroll WALL-E's Undercover Brother


It was okay when it was a few slices of cheese. A random beer. 

But when your Omaha Steaks started disappearing, your roommate escalated things.

Catching him is going to take more than putting him on a scale, calling him fat. You're going to need to catch him in the act with an Inspector Bot.

These imposing-looking, remote-controlled mini-vehicles can be mounted with any combination of surveillance cameras, towing rigs, infrared, and other sensors. 

Designer Chris Rogers says they’re ideal for home inspection, rescue operations, even HazMat applications. 

Or just plain R/C mayhem: Rogers is introducing Inspector Bots as robot paintball combatants

And he's offering the skin and bones crowd the chance to get in good with our future overlords. The project is currently looking for supporters on crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

If the project makes its $15,000 goal, donors will be rewarded with swag ranging from plans for early bots up to a kit for the robot itself.

Kent Smith- at Synapse Product Development



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