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The Strategic Hire: Kickstarting Product Development

The Strategic Hire: Kickstarting Product Development- Wall of Cool at Synapse Product Development

So once you have your idea and you’ve reached your funding goal, it’s time to start developing your product. Last week in our Kickstarter series, we touched on the five stages of the product development process: conceive, develop, realize, support and retire. Today’s tip, number three, comes right before the development phase: make a strategic hire to ensure that the development process, and beyond, is carried out successfully.

While engineers are vital, of course, so are organized, authoritative manager-types that can oversee each phase of the development process helping the team stay on track and meet each goal on time. This hire needs to have a sound understanding of engineering and the steps necessary to make the process as seamless as possible and eliminate any causes for inefficiency along the way. A fundamental element to the product development process is ensuring the quality and reliability of the products created. Having a person in place to manage not only the production, but the testing phases, is crucial to successfully bringing innovation to market.

Kickstarter projects have struggled to meet their goals, with 84 percent of the top-funded projects shipping late. With someone in place that can manage all of the project operations, these delays can be minimized, if not avoided all together.

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